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BlogFuture development direction and pattern of SEO:

Future development direction and pattern of SEO:

The future development direction and pattern of SEO:

The SEO industry has been developing in China for decades. Up to now, no one has been able to make a clear statement about the SEO industry.

This has caused special confusion in the SEO industry. I would like to ask who can clearly explain the algorithms of Baidu and Google. SEO technology can only be obtained through experience and actual combat, and finally my own execution power comes up.

Participating in training SEO two or three years ago may be mostly for learning skills. At present, search engine optimization is shifted from individuals to team operations, which are increasingly refined, constantly changing and changing the status quo.

Nowadays, the SEO service has changed, and the variety has become more and more detailed, such as in-company training, post articles and SEO analysis, etc. These changes have grown and precipitated some teams and companies. To more fields, more detailed division of labor, and comprehensive strength, the future SEO supervisor is one of the main talents.

1. Why do we do SEO?

In a narrow sense, SEO is the sum of the ways and means of using search engines to promote, and it is a collection of methodologies.

What SEO is trying to solve is to bring as many high-quality clicks from the search engine as possible. There are two dimensions here: one is the number of clicks; one is the quality of clicks.

There are different sub-methods in different dimensions, and sometimes there will be contradictions between methods, that is, it is difficult to balance quality while pursuing quantity.

Almost all websites can be promoted by SEO, especially for gray and black industries that cannot be promoted through other legal channels. Second, the two ends of the SEO field, the three realms

The two ends of the SEO field, in simple terms, are extremely white and extremely black. The extremely white end is integrated with the website architecture, data analysis, and front-end optimization fields. The core value is to build the website seriously.

The very dark end is connected with the hacker industry, and the core concept is to use the weaknesses of search engines.

Most experienced SEO practitioners are moving closer to the extreme black end, mainly because black hats are more realistic and closer to money; SEO methods officially supported by search engines are closer to the white end.

Historically, SEO was in the black world from the beginning of birth. At the beginning, search engines were more resistant to SEO methods. As more and more implementers, the official bears more and more SPAM data. Not beginning to pay serious attention to this area, gradually began to take some measures to bring SEO implementers closer to the white field.

Types Of People In Seo:

There are three types of people in the SEO world, SEOer, search engines, and website visitors.

Search engines will always use website visitors as a guise to make some profound statements made by users for God, claiming to do a good job on the website with peace of mind and forgetting the existence of search engines. In fact, the meaning behind is: do SEO gang locusts quickly get rid of all! I have lived better without you. As for the so-called God’s visitors, if they really pay attention to the visitor experience, then the criticized bidding promotion has long been removed.

The purpose of this is that the search engine itself knows that it has many blind spots of rules that are difficult to reach, and it is difficult to improve in the short term, so try to confuse the newcomer not to DEBUG yourself, otherwise your life will become more and more sad. Of course, many people have followed this path, and haven’t begun to learn it, so they will abandon the martial arts.

In terms of goals, each SEO implementer will serve the conversion rate, and the conversion rate is basically to give visitors what he wants, so the ultimate goal of a serious SEO website is to serve visitors, not to harm them.

But what conversion rate is there without traffic? Therefore, it is necessary to use the black hat method to efficiently obtain traffic. But Black Hat is just a method and a means, not an end. No one would hope that the traffic from the hard work of the Nine Cows and Two Tigers would simply jump out of it, without conversion. Such a SEOer is a fool,

So no matter whether it is black hat or white hat, there is no essential difference for visitors.

Clicking on an auction link to jump to a shopping site, and clicking on a site group site to jump to Taobao, the experience is not much worse. That is, means and results are two different things.

Officials often use sophistry to influence the results or simply confuse the two.

Therefore, those who call themselves SEOer claim to focus on website architecture and focus on content construction, which is essentially denying the value of their own existence. Either it’s a low hand who doesn’t understand what SEO is all about, or it’s a veteran conspirator who has another attempt.

If everyone does white hats, SEO has no value in existence. User experience includes product manager, content construction, website editing, log analysis, data miner, website structure, architect/programmer, SEOer, what else do you have? Or can it only be reduced to an external chain publisher?

The white hat method emphasizes fair competition, which seems to be more in line with moral constraints. This is true in many fields. Throwing away interest disputes, everyone wants to be a good person and be a saint who creates value for humanity and contributes to the world.

But the real world is always so cruel. When your front, back, left, right, up and down are broken, if you don’t take measures, you will be stepped on by others.

3. The current status of SEO

From the current industry situation, the current status of SEO is based on two facts:

1. It is difficult to have a revolutionary breakthrough in the short term in the field of search engines.

2. SEO is hard to die in the short term.

There can be no revolutionary breakthrough. This sentence means that no matter how you play on Baidu or Google, there will always be parasites on your body. What SEO has to do is to successfully parasitize or more advanced symbiosis without being killed by various anti-cheating antibiotics,

Looking at the current Internet landscape, search engine optimization will continue to exist for a long time.

Therefore, SEO can always have a parasitic role, even if a variety of antibiotics are combined, as long as they are tenacious and have sufficient interest support, they can always survive in a difficult environment.

Where do the benefits of SEO come from? The dark part of human nature always spawns a variety of black and gray industries, which is the ultimate source of energy for SEO. Take a closer look, the most active areas of SEO, private servers, imitation cards, etc. Isn’t that the case?

Therefore, as long as human nature is greedy, SEO will not disappear, even if the search engine does not exist, SEO will continue to exist in another way for a long time.

SEO comes along with the search engine and grows with the search engine. As long as the search engine still exists, SEO will not die out, so the prospect of SEO is definitely good. I think the development direction of SEO is to help search engines solve User problems.

4. The development direction of SEO strategy

With the development of the Internet and the continuous improvement and update of search engine technology, we must find out the future direction of SEO, which has a crucial role for our future SEO work. Let’s discuss the future of SEO in the future.

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